The advantages of working with a small design agency.

Insight – 14/03/2024

A design agency is a team of creative professionals that aims to solve complex communication problems for businesses and organizations. They use design as a tool to communicate a message, build a brand, or create a product that is functional, effective, and visually appealing. Design agencies work in various areas, such as graphic design, web design, branding, product development, and advertising. They can help businesses by creating a unique brand identity, designing marketing materials, building a website or an app, or developing a product from scratch. A good design agency focuses on understanding their clients’ needs, values, and goals to deliver tailored solutions that meet their expectations and drive measurable results. Working with a design agency can bring a fresh perspective, expertise, and innovation to a project, and ultimately help a business stand out in a crowded market.

Design agencies come in all shapes and sizes, but many people wonder about the differences between big and small agencies. Big agencies typically have a larger team of designers and resources, which can result in more diverse and extensive project capabilities. Small agencies, on the other hand, often have more personalized services and can offer a closer, more collaborative relationship with clients. While big agencies may be better suited for larger projects, small agencies may be ideal for those seeking a more individualized design approach. Ultimately, the decision between a big or small agency comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of each client. It is important to research and compare options to choose the best fit for your project.

When it comes to choosing a design agency for your creative projects, size doesn’t always equate to success. Small design agencies, despite their compact teams and modest operations, offer distinct advantages that make them an appealing choice for businesses seeking personalised and impactful design solutions. In this blog post, we will explore five compelling reasons why working with a small design agency can be the best option for your business. 

1. Customised & personalised service

One of the most compelling reasons why big companies in New Zealand are turning to small design studios is the level of personalised attention they receive. Working with a small agency has many benefits, but most of all is the personal attention and handholding service that shines above all. Our small design agency exceeds at delivering personalized services to our clients. Unlike larger agencies, we have the ability to give more attention to each unique project, allowing us to understand our clients’ visions and bring them to life. We pride ourselves on effective communication with our clients to ensure that projects are executed efficiently and effectively. Our team works collaboratively throughout the entire process, from initial brainstorming to final implementation, to produce tailored results that meet and surpass our clients’ expectations. At our studio, each project is handled with innovation, creativity, and a personal touch. 

Larger agencies are often tied down with operational processes that make it difficult to quickly shift resources. This can cause projects and clients’ needs to go overlooked, but not in small businesses! They’re agile enough for you if something changes unexpectedly in your project timeline- they’ll just get right on top of things without stopping or crashing anything along the way.

At larger agencies, it is common for employees to balance multiple clients projects at once, which can mean having too much work on their plate. This could prevent employees from fully investing themselves into each project individually. This could also result in the staff completing the bare minimum amount of required work and then move onto the next project. 

Small teams are able to provide a more direct service to their clients – often the person you’re dealing with is the same person who is making the decisions for your account and actioning them, so less is lost in translation and every action generates greater impact.  

2. Faster turnaround

Small design agencies are often known for their quick and efficient turnaround times. With fewer clients and a more focused team, small agencies are able to prioritize projects and provide personalised attention to each one. In contrast to larger agencies, where projects can get lost in the shuffle, small agencies are able to maintain a close relationship with clients and ensure that deadlines are met. Additionally, small agencies often have a greater sense of flexibility and agility, which allows them to pivot quickly and adapt to changing project needs. Overall, small design agencies have a reputation for delivering high-quality work in a timely manner.

With bigger agencies, there are long chains of meetings and processes to go through prior to completing a project. Therefore, a quick turnaround is not always feasible. Smaller agencies are much more flexible and agile when it comes to delivering fast results. As mentioned above, to a smaller agency every client is a mega-client, and usually the team’s main focus. Employees of small agencies can move mountains in short periods of time when needed.

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3. Lower overhead costs

The cost of running a large agency can be quite high, especially when you factor in the need for multiple office locations, salaries, a support staff, and other associated expenses. Smaller agencies have much lower overhead costs which allow them to be more competitive when it comes to pricing their services.

When it comes to design, bigger doesn’t always mean better. In fact, small design agencies can be a more affordable option without sacrificing quality. Working with a small design agency can offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. They can provide competitive pricing structures that cater to your budget. Moreover, their ability to streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy allows them to focus resources on delivering top-notch design work, giving you excellent value for your investment.

4. More creative & unique solutions

Small design agencies are known for their ability to think outside the box and provide innovative design solutions. Larger agencies have a hard time coming up with creative problem solutions because they’re bogged down by red tape and need approvals from multiple levels of management. As such, the bigger companies often don’t think outside the box on their own which smaller ones can take advantage of since there’s less risk involved when taking risks without seeking permission first.

As a small team, they often have more flexibility to take creative risks in their work, keeping on the cutting edge of innovations and staying ahead of the curve with campaigns. They can move fast and try new things without worrying about having to justify everything to their hundreds of stakeholders or wait for sign off from multiple places.

5. Collaborative relationship

Working with a small design studio is more like developing a collaborative partnership than a transactional business deal. Communication is open and transparent, and ideas are shared and developed together. This collaborative approach ensures that the client’s input is not only heard but actively incorporated into the creative process.

Our small design agency is always ready to collaborate with our clients in creating outstanding designs that are tailored to their needs. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional design solutions that will help business stand out. We value communication and transparency and will keep our clients in the loop at all times during the design process. With us, they can expect a personalised and professional approach that will exceed their expectations. 

Choosing a small design agency for your creative projects offers a range of benefits that can elevate your brand’s visual identity and communication. With personalised attention, agility, a passionate team, cost-effective solutions, and innovative approaches, small agencies have proven time and again that size doesn’t limit their ability to deliver outstanding results. 

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