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Made by Australian owned and operated, Simple Drinks, Sommar is an organic, all-natural and sustainably sourced soda water, from the Macedon ranges in Victoria.
The name Sommar means summer in Swedish and is inspired by the perfect Swedish summer day. Summer is a glorious time of year in Sweden. It can be delightfully sunny and pleasantly warm.
Not only are the flavors within the cans curated and crafted with care, but the packaging design is light, refreshing, and beautifully intricate. The delicious, light, and fruity flavors of these beverages needed a label that would be as appealing as the flavours themselves but would also reflect the Swedish way of life. In Sweden this is know as ‘Lagom’ which literary means not too much, not too little, the right amount. This is a philosophy that aims to balance, in every area and juncture of everyday life.
The packaging is beautifully minimalistic, yet the typography and eye-catching color combinations are likely to earn consumers’ attention quickly. Each flavor showcases a different color, making it easy to identify.
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