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Packaging Design Auckland, NZ - Sundown Cider

Sundown Cinder

Logo design
Packaging design

Sundown is a fruit-driven non-alcoholic cider that uses only natural sweeteners. A bright and fresh palate reveals slightly sweet and luscious apple characters with layers of lemon, grapefruit and feijoa.

The brief was to design a colourful, beautiful and Insta-worthy design and illustration to appeal to the repertoire of drinkers who usually enjoy light, sweet ciders, cocktails or sparkling wine, enticing them to choose Sundown as an alternative drink when they don’t want to consume any alcoholic drinks.

The aesthetics of the design solution were paramount to the success of the product and establishing its position as a premium, non alcoholic drink amongst young women. We have started of by creating a simple and fun logo in a modern, serif typeface. The rest of the typography on the label was kept simple, to balance out the serif nature of the logo’s typeface.

The illustrations are the hero of the design. They gives the product credibility and authenticity, promising taste while evoking nature and freshness. The colours were also carefully selected to be appealing, convey lightness and freshness and reflect the taste of each flavour.