Packaging Design Auckland // Product branding

Packaging design and product branding specialists based in Auckland, Takapuna. We helps attract consumers to choose your brand over others. We communicate concise messaging and give off the right impressions in order to quickly gain the attention and desire of the audience.

7 / Beer packaging design
Tank Juice / packagin design
Organic Hit Coffee / graphic design / brand identity
Sundown Cider / packaging design / illustration

Packaging Design Auckland

If you are looking at packaging design in Auckland we would love to talk about your project. Packaging design also plays a role in your overall brand identity and how your customers perceive you. Packaging is tangible and in a digital age, it offers a physical connection to your brand. Packaging design gives people a beautiful, tactile experience of your brand. We are more than happy to provide advice to ensure your brand’s look and feel is communicated effectively, such as appropriate stock selection, printing methods, special finishes such as letterpress, foiling, embossing, matt varnish and much more. Studio Nine has over 15 years of experience in packaging design and graphic design in Auckland.

Beverage packaging design

With so much competition on the shelf in New Zealand, there’s no room for shortcuts. Make the most of your product’s shelf positioning with beverage packaging design that catches your target consumer’s eye, compelling them to read the label, then decide to purchase. Studio Nine delivers packaging that combines consistent branding with professional design.

Coffee packaging design

Coffee packaging is the most powerful tool for marketing your product and company. The coffee market is saturated in New Zealand. With a variety of choices it’s only fitting that your coffee packaging needs to be amazing to stand out. The best designs are both functional and eye-catching, keeping your coffee safe during shipment and attracting the eye of new customers.

Cosmetics packaging design

There are few industries out there with as much potential to develop loyal, die-hard customers as beauty and cosmetics. 72% of New Zealanders claim that packaging design influences their buying decisions. That’s proof that design matters and companies need to start doing more to invest in their packaging’s look to ensure they’re making the right impressions on their target audience.

Wine label design

When it comes to wine bottles in New Zealand, the saying “judge a book by its cover” is more than accurate. The choice of wine is heavily dictated by the bottle’s appearance. Even a with a specific budget in mind, there’s still so much to choose from. Hence, there’s no surprise that both a label and wine bottle packaging determines the buyer’s choices.

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