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Climate Tracker is an app and a disclosure system developed by Graph Research Labs. It helps organisations track their climate emissions to world class ISSB/TCFD standards. It allows companies to collect their information and examine their environmental progress in an easy to navigate interface. This is the first app of this kind to be developed in the world. Graph Research Labs approached Studio Nine to captures the core essence of their unique product.

The objective was to design a logo and a website as a foundation for their brand identity. The brand identity needed to reflect the company values which are transparency, simplicity, sustainability and protecting our environment. Their logo and website had to resonate with their target market. We want their brand identity to be professional, high-end but at the same time stay true to their biggest value which is simplicity. The design needed to be of high standard to have global reach.

Our biggest challenge was appealing to two target markets that we were trying to reach with our work: professionals working at organisations who are environmentally conscious, focus on helping their company conceptualize, create, and implement company-wide green initiatives and reduce their carbon foot print and directors that will be signing off the annual subscription for the Climate Tracker.

A4 brochure showing our branding and design work for ClimateTracker
ClimateTracker web design
ClimateTracker web preso

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